Hi everyone,

My name is Charlotte, I am a veterinarian from Antwerp, and this is my dog Casper, a bon vivant.

Helping and curing animals is my biggest passion. However, I'm also a very creative person, which is something I could not apply within my day-to-day profession.
This it what inspired me to create LÈS, together with all of the mainstream collars and leashes I see on a daily basis at the practice :).

After comparing lots of different materials, I looked for the safest and most suitable options for dogs, making sure I can guarantee the best quality. After all, I am a vet, remember 😉

With the help of Casper, all of our products are tested thoroughly (although not always with the greatest pleasure (💭 "do I have to do this again"). 

All of the leashes and collars are handmade by myself with the greatest love and care, so if you have any questions or requirements, please feel free ask!


We hope you and your furry friends like LÈS and can enjoy our products to the fullest.

Don't forget to take long walks and give your dog some cookies,
With love,

Casper & Charlotte