Product Care

To make sure that you and your four legged friend can enjoy your LÈS product to the fullest, take into account that our products are handmade. Therefore they need some special care: 
  • You can wash the leashes and collars (except for the leather ones) at 30°C in a laundry bag. Make sure to put the centrifugation off! To do it even better, we recommend to wash the products by hand.
    Don't put your LÈS products in the dryer. 

  • The brass accessories (golden clips, rings and end caps) can discolor over time due to the weather. Sometimes it can leave dark spots on a lighter cord. You can easily remove this by using a little bit prewash spray. Let it sit for a while and wash the product afterwards, preferably by hand.
  • Make sure the golden end caps don't get too wet. They do not tolerate a lot of water and especially no salt water!

  • It is easy to adjust the knots on the leashes yourself. Ask for some help if you can't figure out how to do this. 

  • To make sure that your snap hooks open and close easily, oil them a few times a year. You can use Ballistol or WD40. Don't drop them on hard surfaces.

  • If your cord starts shredding or your dog got stuck some where you can always use a lighter to fix the dangling pieces of fabric. Be very careful of course !

  • Spray your leather products once in a while. You can do this with a good leather spray used for shoes or bags. Or apply oil or cream conditioner directly onto the leather, working it into the grain with your fingers. You can occasionally wax your leather products to keep them in top condition.  

  • You could wash the bowties in the washing machine or hand wash, do not tumble dry! Although, we do recommend to take the bowtie collar off during play-sessions or when the dog is left unattended.


The most important rule:

take long walks and enjoy!